A Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack is often the most simple game to play, and this is why blackjack basic strategy is easy to learn. The basic concept of blackjack is to beat the dealer at the blackjack card table. It’s all about the likelihood of getting closer to twenty with the information you’ve got, which is what blackjack basic strategy basically comes down to.

The first step in blackjack basic strategy is to actually read the blackjack card table, which is basically a stack of cards. Your odds of winning are dependent on how many cards are in play, how many players are going against you, and what kind of cards they are. So for instance, if there are three players at the table, you know that there is a fifty percent chance that any of them will get the card that you want, so you can use that information to your advantage. If you get the first two cards clear, you can use them to get high, if you get the third card, you can bet low.

Another very important step in blackjack basic strategy is when you see that the dealer has the first two cards, use it to your advantage and bet as low as you can, on that last card, but if he has the last two, you can stand and wait for him to get all of them into his card, and if he has an Ace, you can bet high, on that last card, because there is a great chance that he will have another card to draw. Once you think that he has that card, you can either call the raise and double your bet, or if you are close to calling the raise, you can go on to the flop, where you stand and wait for him to do the same thing with the last two cards. Blackjack is a game that is all about timing, and with practice, even if you never got the right hand at the right time, with practice and a lot of studying, that will come. With enough studying and learning, even if you didn’t win the big pot at the first try, you will learn how to do just that.

The last of the basic strategy tips that you should keep in mind is being patient, waiting until you see that the dealer is soft, meaning that his cards are coming out of his pocket slowly, and you know that he has more than one card to deal with. Then you can act. Always be watching out for that, because that is usually when the bad guys do their attacks. You can always tell when someone is not being as careful as they could be by the way they hold the cards. A person who holds the cards a lot tighter, usually means they are tense and ready to fold, so watch out.

Of course these are only two of the many blackjack basics that anyone can learn, but it gives you a good place to start. After you’ve gotten a little better, you can start learning from books, from other players, using some of the advanced tactics that you can find on the internet, or from the blackjack DVDs that are available. Of course, practice is the key to getting better, so keep playing, study, and get better. It’s a slow process, but when you see the strategy you used to work, that’s when you know you’re making progress.

Remember, two of the most important basic strategies in blackjack are to play tight, and to play carefully, and once you’ve mastered those, the rest will fall into place. In the first two chapters, we focused on “the bluffer” and the “dock.” The bluffer is basically a player who plays too tight, betting the whole stack before passing the first two cards. Most of the time, this causes the other players to either fold or take the risk of doubling either before passing the second card, or before passing the third card. The dock is the opposite of the bluffer. Instead of betting the whole stack, this player bets the minimum amount required by the pot (but not less than that, if possible!)